• Big Green Egg:
    • ​Custom sizes for mini, S, M, L, XL
  • ​​Broil King Keg
    • ​Custom sizes for 5000 & 2000
  • Grill Dome
    • Custom sizes for S, L, XL
  • Kamado Joe
    • Custom sizes for Joe Jr., Classic, Big Joe
  • Primo
    • Custom sizes for Kamado, XL Jr., XL
  • ​Other grills & smokers - If not listed above please ask about Wiggle Rods for your cooker.

                                                                                                                                   TOOL  SELECTION - ThreeFinger

  • Big Green Egg:
    • ​Cast iron grate on S & M only
  • ​​Table top or tailgate grills - please ask about your specific brand or model.
  • Primo 
    • ​Does NOT fit the Primo cast iron grates

COMBO ORDER PRICING  (includes free priority shipping)  Sorry, no combo orders that include XL wiggle rods as they ship in a separate tube. 

COMBO TOOLS                                                                          PRICE                                          

ThirdHand + ThreeFinger                                                       $50                                                                                           ThirdHands Qty of (2)                                                               $47                                                      

ThreeFinger Qty of (2)                                                              $54          ​      

ThirdHand + Wiggle Rod                                                         $39

ThreeFinger + Wiggle Rod                                                      $43            

​ThirdHand + ThreeFinger + Wiggle Rod                           $65    

ThirdHand + Brisket-N-Butt Sticker                                   $39

ThirdHand +Wiggle Rod + Brisket-N-Butt Sticker        $51

                                                  Many other combinations are available, e-mail me for pricing


ThirdHand & ThreeFinger tools now come with a vinyl end cap on the handle

  If your cooker is not listed please ask me about options.  Sometimes I'll ask an owner to email me a photo of their grate showing a tape measure to insure the fit.

ThreeFinger Grate Lifting and

     Hanging Tool 
A special tool for Big Green Egg brand small & medium sized cast iron grates.  It's a smaller tool with shorter forks and a handle that is three fingers wide.  Refer to the "selection chart" below.

                          Wiggle Rods

As I cruise around on barbecue forums, I just hate to see threads with a title something like "Help!!! My Fire Went Out". A wiggle rod is kind of an ash maintenance tool. Wiggling your charcoal can help a stubborn fire get going, promote even burning, and is a little insurance during an all night cook when you want to catch some ZZZZZ's.  Refer to the "selection chart" below.


                                                                                                                                   TOOL  SELECTION - Brisket-N-Butt Sticker

  • Standard length is 12"
  • ​Custom lengths up to 24" at no additional charge

What do you use to remove your cooking grate while cleaning out the ashes and reloading your grill or smoker with fresh charcoal? Are you tired of getting your hands dirty handling your cooking grates? An extra hand would sure make things easier.... With that in mind about 10 years ago I designed the ThirdHand and ThreeFinger Grate Lifting and Hanging Tools.  I also offer an ash tending tool called a Wiggle Rod, and a meat probe called a Brisket-N-Butt Sticker which allows you to feel tenderness just like many professional pitmasters do.  Visit my FAQ page for more information on all these tools.

thirdeyeQ  BBQ Tools ~ Designed by thirdeye

ThirdHand Grate Lifting and

     Hanging Tool
              "The tool that started it all"

Back in 2006, I called the first grate tool I designed and fabricated the ThirdHand, a grate lifting tool that also works as a hanging tool if you have a table or deck railing close to your cooker. The ThirdHand is the most popular and most universal of my grate lifting and hanging tools it works on most standard cooking grates and on a few cast iron grates.  Refer to the "selection chart" below.

All tools are designed and built in the USA using grade 304 stainless steel

           Brisket-N-Butt Sticker or BNB for short
The Brisket-N-Butt Sticker is a special probe for monitoring tenderness of large cuts of beef and pork. Experienced barbecuists use a combination of internal temperature and tenderness to determine when meats are done.   The stainless steel Brisket-N-Butt Sticker features a T-Handle and a 12" standard length to reach into your pit when probing meats for tenderness.  If you want a longer BNB Sticker, just let me know.  The longest model is nicknamed the "Pitmaster T" and is 24" in length.  I named it after my forum buddy Donny who cooks on a pit so large the shelves may be loaded with briskets 3 or 4 deep.     

SINGLE TOOL PRICING  (includes free priority shipping)

SINGLE TOOLS                                   PRICE                      ThirdHand                                             $27

ThreeFinger                                            $30

​Wiggle Rods (all standard sizes)    $17

Wiggle Rods (custom sizes)               Ask

Brisket-N-Butt Stickers                      $16                                

                                                                                                                                       TOOL  SELECTION - ThirdHand

  • Big Green Egg :
    • ​Standard grates on S, M, L, XL
    • Cast iron grates on L, XL
  • ​Broil King Keg
    • ​Standard (cast iron grates) on 5000 & 2000 models.
    • Swing away upper grates
  • Grill Dome
    • ​​Standard grates on S, L, XL
  • ​Kamado Joe
    • ​Standard grate on Joe Jr, Classic and Big Joe
  • Primo
    • ​Standard grates only on Kamado, XL Jr, XL
    • Does NOT fit the cast iron grates
  • ​​Weber
    • ​Standard grates on kettles and WSM